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     Dec 2023 Holiday workshop
 Japanese Onigiri
Rice dumpling Making workshop

In Japan, Onigiri are not only an affordable lunch option but also a symbol of culture and tradition. Let’s explore the making process and ingredients of Onigiri together, and experience this simple and delicious traditional Japanese food.

Dec 2023 Holiday workshop
 Ice cream Day
   Storytelling & Sensory Play workshop

Summer is here, and the sun is so hot! I really want to eat ice cream. A group of little animals climbed up the ladder to deliver their own ice cream... will the ice cream be eaten up by the sun?


Our Approach

At Kinderstori SchoolHouse, we believe that children have the innate curiosity to learn and explore from a very young age. We strive to enhance their learning experiences by supporting them with the understanding of their world and their place in it.  We’re proud to provide a caring, welcoming and safe environment where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their full potential.

We provide our students with the tools they need for future happiness and success. Our unique programs incorporate a variety of educational theories, while always keeping the child’s best interests in mind and allowing for hands-on, experiential learning. 

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One World, Many Stories


Home: Welcome

What do our parents say?

It is a wonderful school and highly recommended!

My 2 year old daughter was always shy and had severe stranger anxiety. I was looking for a nursery for her since many days where she could feel comfortable and have fun and learn. We saw more than 10 schools but nothing convinced us. But when we took tour of Kinderstori we knew this is THE one.

It has such a nice warm setup right from the green beautiful garden play area to the activity painting room. My daughter settled way faster than my expectations. The teachers(Teacher Hui And Teacher Charlotte) are so nice and warm and very accommodating. They go extra mile to make your child settle and smile.

The camping experience arranged on children's day was so awesome and so much effort was taken by the teachers and staff to arrange it. They do so many different new activities for learning, daily which always amazed me like plucking fruits from their own garden and making yogurt, stain glass cookies, lights and shadows, side walk painting and list goes on and on.

I always wish if I could have found this jewel of school sooner.

Avanika Agrawal, Mummy of 2yo Kiara

My son loves Kinderstori! He started at 18 months old and only took a short while to get use to school. Now he look forward to school everyday.
Useful skills and values are taught through enjoyable activities. We love the outdoor garden too, which allows the kids to learn about nature and be active in the outdoors. The environment stimulates creativity and all the teachers are very dedicated and warm-hearted.
He is a shy kid but we find that teachers in Kinderstori are able to build his confidence. Its great to see him ending school with a great big smile everyday!

Tan Yin, Mummy of 2yo Wenxi

也从孩子的互动中学习小型社会怎么和平共处,这是孩子现接段很重要的学习,也看到自己孩子的转变也越来越正向与同学相处,有好的人际是未来也是很重要的 。
每日回家分享学校点滴都是开心的有自信的说出他在学校做什么创作与老师朋友讨论的班级大小事,每日都说她要快快去上学,就知孩子在里面很乐在 其中。

Kuan Ying, Mummy of 4yo Nami

My little girl always looking forward going to school! I was so surprised that her first day of school didn't make any noise or crying badly looking for mummy. Because she's a type of very attached to me just like a koala with a tree Every second she will just want to be with me, cling on me.
I was so worried when it's the time for her to start school but after looking at the pictures and the updates from Kinderstori, I'm so so so happy that my little girl had her fun at school. This is such a big relief as a parent especially if the kid is always like super glue.
I must say that the teachers there are super super friendly and approachable. All the activities will be planned in a Reggio-Emilia inspired environment with child-led inquiry based curriculum, where children share, create and build many stories of their own together with their peers, educators and parents. Would highly recommend @kinderstori 👍👍👍 Thumbs up for the team!! ❤️

Hazel Chan, Mummy of 2 yo Eleanor

The place and setting is awesome! Warm and cosy, my son though initially shy took no time to warm up to the teachers and environment.

A big kudos to Teacher Hui Yun and Teacher Bonnie, who made him feel welcomed and engaged! I enjoyed seeing him (from afar) interacting with the teachers and was so proud to see his final creations (which he happily introduced me to) - prove that he also enjoyed the class!

Looking forward to see him grow with Kinderstori!

Hua Pey, Mummy of 2 yo Trevis


Erica, Mummy of 15m Jamie

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