A Lesson about Covid-19

It was our first days back to school after a three month circuit breaker period due to Covid 19 pandemic. We are grateful to have a small teacher to student ratio so there was not much appalling adjustments to be made for our children. Of course, the big change was to put on our face masks all the time except during strenuous activity or meal times. Our children were very cooperative in this aspect. Kudos to our parents who helped to ease them into the new routine prior to school start. Thank you!

We talked about Covid-19, how it looks (One kid pointed out that it looked like a sun. Another said it looked like a green monster.), the need to wear masks, emphasized the importance of proper handwashing steps. The Covid ABC jingle helped the children remember to take our temperature regularly, wash our hands frequently and stay within our small group.

We have individual sitting pads assigned to each child with their first letter of their name labelled. This is to remind them to keep to their spots during circle time.

“B!” Eleanor was quick to recognise the letter B and pointed it out to everyone.

Creating an artist impression of Covid-19 using golf tees and playdough. Hammering the golf tees using a wooden mallet trains their hand-eye coordination skills.

Glitter hand washing experiment to demonstrate the most effective way of getting rid of germs (in this case, glitter) is to use soap and water.

Jefferson was apprehensive about getting his hands into the glitter when the teacher introduced the glitter as the germs in the experiment. A child who already has good awareness about germs and staying away from them!

Signing off,

Teacher Hui

11 July 2020

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