Chang'er visits Kinderstori!

Today was the day the kids were most excited about! After listening to all the stories about Chang’er and her Jade Rabbit, Kinderstorians were so looking forward to meeting her in person today at our mooncake workshop.

The kids were bemused to see someone who dresses very differently from us and they all recognised her flowy dress from the book they read. Everyone brought along their Mummy or Daddy (or both) to the workshop.

Everyone was eager to make their mooncakes. They peered into the brown bags on the table, studied the sieve intently and took out the bags of ingredients one by one checking with Teacher Hui they got everything they need. We got our hands right into the flour, some even got flour over their face, their clothes and even their mouths!


While waiting for the dough to rest in the fridge, we went into the Atelier where we hung the beautiful backdrop of the moon we painted earlier. Together with Chang’er, the kids joined in the storytelling of the Jade Rabbit about how it ended up on the moon. Jamie acted as the monkey who found the banana hanging high up on a tree. He jumped as high as he could and reached for the banana! Eleanor acted as the rabbit and found a carrot for the hungry old man in disguise.

So honoured to have Chang’er to make mooncakes with us! She told us this is the first time she sees a mooncake, let alone taste it! We can’t wait to let Chang’er have a bite of Kinderstori mooncake!

The kids proudly showing off their handmade mooncakes!

When Jefferson realised that Chang’er will be flying back to the moon after the workshop, he tried to keep her a little while longer at Kinderstori by probing her with many questions.

Just like the Chinese saying, “天下没有不散的宴席”, all good things have to come to an end, Although we were reluctant to see Chang’er leave Kinderstori, we are happy to know that she will be back to visit us next year again.

Of course, we had to commemorate this special occasion with a photo-taking ritual! Chang’er, we hope you enjoy the time with us! We will miss you and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

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