It's the Mid-Autumn Festival!

We have been discussing the Mid-Autumn festival for the past two weeks. It started with a skit put up by our teachers, telling the kids about the Jade Rabbit on the moon. We observed a picture of the moon and vaguely noticed the silhouette of a rabbit on the moon. From the story, we also learned that Chang'er, a fairy also lives on the moon together with the Jade Rabbit.

“Who’s Chang'er? How does she look?” Jefferson asked. The kids hope to have a close up and personal encounter with the mysterious Chang'er.

Teacher Bonnie explained from the story that in order to welcome Chang'er down from the moon, Kinderstorians need to prepare three things- 1. Lantern 2. Beautiful Painting 3. Mooncakes.

The lanterns will lay the path for Chang'er to find us at Kinderstori. The painting is a gift to Chang'er from Kinderstorians. And we wanted to let Chang'er know how we celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival with mooncakes!

We started getting busy preparing, hoping that Chang'er will visit us. First, we made the lanterns!

Our lanterns! We agree that they look quite incomplete. So we decided to add in some more decorations. I printed some examples of paper lanterns and asked the kids what they would like to add to their lanterns.

“This one!” Jamie pointed to the lantern with colourful streamers.

Using fabric scraps and food colouring, Jefferson and Jamie selected their choice of colours and worked at a corner in our new Atelier!

Teacher Bonnie pointed out that the streamers look like the tail of an animal and suggested that we make our favourite animal character in the form of lanterns!

“I want a rabbit!” Jefferson responded. Eleanor also said, “Rabbit”. Jamie chose the monkey.

Using cardboard as the frame of the animal face and contact paper in the center, the kids pasted the colourful cellophane and crepe paper onto the contact paper.

Look at our beautifully created lanterns which led our special guest- Chang er to Kinderstori!

Feeling A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Teacher Hui

29 Sep 2020

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