Our New House Plant

This week was particularly enriching with the addition of a new house plant- Venus fly trap. Thank you, Jamie’s mummy for bringing that to us. It really got all our kids so exhilarated!!!

“吃虫子的花!” Jefferson exclaimed. Jamie and Eleanor surrounded the new plant and watched how Jefferson examined the plant.

“Ah-ha! Let’s use a 望远镜!“ Jefferson suggested when I asked how we can examine the plant closely.

He took the binoculars and tried looking through. Shortly he tossed it aside and I offered him a magnifying glass. “Magnifying glass makes things look bigger.” I explained.

Teacher Bonnie and I were enlivened as well. We did not have the chance to get close and personal with such a plant in our school years. All I knew was it belongs to a group of plants which eat insects. (And initially I made a mistake too by referring to the plant as pitcher plant. We all learn together! ) What an exciting learning journey ahead!

Under the lead of Jefferson, you guys took turns to examine and experience the Venus fly trap. Jefferson told the class that the “mouth” of the Venus fly trap closes when an insect gets in contact with the insides. He used the tip of the magnifying glass to test his statement. It closes! He was thrilled! He took his favourite toy dinosaur- Ankylosaurus and pointed its tail to the Venus fly trap and it closes again!

Teacher Bonnie asked if we can use our fingers to try. And you are not afraid at all! You all did not hesitate to put your fingers to test.

With all the traps closed, you all started to wonder when they would open again. You watched and waited for the traps to open. I suggested that we have a representative to keep an eye on the Venus fly trap and let us know once they reopen. “Me!” Jefferson raised his arm. So the rest of us went on to do our things.

Time to time, Jefferson will check on the Venus fly trap and let us know that the traps are still closed. What a responsible boy! When it was time for outdoors, he volunteered to bring the Venus Flytrap out for some sunshine, hoping that it would hasten the opening process. But it did not.

You went to check out the Venus fly trap the first thing this morning when we returned to school.

I did some research and printed out a list of common insectivorous plants which include Venus Flytrap, Bladderwort, Pitcher plant and Sundew. You made guesses on how the different insectivorous plants catch insects. “This one has a bag (pouch).” “This one looks like long arms.” Different kids made their own observations about the pictures. Eleanor pointed to the picture of a Venus fly trap and I asked her if it is the same as our house plant. Her eyes lit up.

Teacher Bonnie and I were lucky to catch a little bug this morning. You were making their own guesses about what they thought the bug was. Jefferson wrote his name on the clipboard, followed by his guess, “BLIPPI 虫子!” Teacher Bonnie said it’s a caterpillar and I think it could be a cricket. No one is entirely sure about the identity of this bug but we are all determined to find out. This shall be another lesson for us for another day.

Then comes the MOST exciting moment you have been waiting for! Feeding the bug to our new house plant! You were all eager to pick the bug up. With great concentration and sheer determination, Jefferson managed to pick it up with a pair of tongs despite the bug trying to shun the pair of tongs. But alas! The bug was a little too big for the insect trap.

“Let’s try the largest insect trap.” I suggested. However, by the time we got to it, the largest insect trap on the Venus fly trap had not fully opened. “I guess we have to wait again for another chance to feed the Venus fly trap.”

There is certainly a lot more to learn about the Venus fly trap! I am looking forward to exploring more together with you!

With love,

Teacher Hui

06 Aug 2020

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