Heritage Education Program

As part of our Heritage Education Program, our children learned to appreciate the Chinese New Year tradition in various activities and group discussions.

Why do we celebrate Chinese New Year? What is the significance of dragon dance? What are some traditional new year dishes? Why do we wear red? What do we say to each other during Chinese New Year?

This year, we made a 3D dragon puppet out of paper plates, paper rolls and hand prints! Our children danced to auspicious and cheerful Chinese New Year songs as a symbolism to the mythical dragon god to pray for prosperity and wealth.

We also created a traditional new year dish- Tang Yuan (汤圆), often eaten on the last day of Chinese New Year (元宵). The round shape of the rice balls symbolise family togetherness.

The children participated in "writing" spring couplets (春联) in the form of blow art painting on Chinese rice paper, creating beautiful spring landscapes.

The highlight of this CNY heritage program is dressing up in traditional Chinese costume, exchanging auspicious Chinese new year greetings with a pair of mandarin oranges, receiving ang pows and tasting yummy new year goodies!

A memorable way to celebrate our Chinese tradition, indeed~!

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